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Newcastle upon Tyne: The Quayside


Image from 2006, a couple of years after the completion of The Sage. (N54.968, W1.606)


Same location as the earlier image: night-time view.


The Tyne Bridge, viewed from The Swing Bridge. (N54.967, W1.607)

The Millennium Bridge, The Blinking Eye, blinking. (N54.970, W1.602)


Newcastle Quay (N54.971, W1.594)


View of the bridges from The Castle Keep. (N54.969, W1.610)


The Black Friday Sculpture: commemorating Scotlandís worst fishing disaster

Eyemouth Bay (N55.873, W2.089)


14 October 1881: 189 men lost their lives, leaving 78 widows and 182 fatherless children