Updated June 2015

Brian Thompson

These are a growing selection of photo's I have taken of contemporary artists and photographers, also photographs I have taken on my travels in North Africa, the Middle East and around the North East of England. I try to carry a camera wherever I go. Please take a look at them and let me know what you think:


Baltic Gallery of Contemporary Art Yoko Ono "Between The Sky And My Head" exhibition


Baltic Gallery of Contemporary Art "Duck for Mr Darwin" exhibition


Sophie Grainger BA Fine Art Degree 2015

This photo was taken at Hatton Gallery Degree Show 2015 audio/visual installation 'Lapses: Splinters'

Sophie says

'My work addresses the themes of memory, age, the dangers that underpin the loss of memory, and the exploration of individual human experience'

'My process involves laser etching found images onto newsprint. This creates an extremely delicate and textured image which is vulnerable to the human touch and the effects of time.'







William Cobbing

Lipman Artist in Residence Newcastle University

William Cobbing exhibited his new work Transactions of the Duddo Field Club at Hatton Gallery from 21st March - 17th May 2014. In this photograph William is standing beside one of  two monolithic ceramic sculptures that derive their surface appearance from the eroded contours of the Duddo Five Stones. Also exhibited was a new video, Epilogue, that documents the pit firing of a bell created by a clay-covered figure and a series of large ceramic book covers depicting ancient rock formations including Albert Camus Myth of Sisyphus. If you would like to see some of Williams work go to www.williamcobbing.com

This exhibition moves to MIMA from July.


Yvette Hawkins "Their Silence, A Language" 2009


I took this photo in Globe Gallery as we had just finished construction of this audio/visual installation using hundreds of books folded into cylinders creating a circular maze


Kiron Hussain

Kiron Hussain is studying fine art at Newcastle University 2011, he is the winner of Animate Projects Award for best experimental film at the London Short Film Festival for 'Slick Horsing'. Kiron says 'In all my work, paint, video etc, I try to create beautiful aberrations, I want the viewers flesh to creep and heart to lift at the same moment'

I took this photograph in the new Globe Gallery Newcastle opens April 2011 http://www.globegallery.org

If you would like to see some of Kiron Hussain's work including the haunting, flesh creeping 'Slick Horsing' follow the link www.vimeo.com/kiron


Ben Jeans Houghton

Ben Jeans Houghton was born in Newcastle in 1984, he works in various fields of art including sculpture, installation, film, photography, drawing and writing. In 2009 he exhibited his installation 'On The Ark And I' at the 'A Duck For Mr Darwin' exhibition at The Baltic Gallery of Contemporary Art in Gateshead. I took this photograph at the preview evening of his video installation
nahda unta 'Story Telling' on February 10th 2011at The Globe gallery in North Shields. If you would like to see some of Ben's work please follow the link http://benjeanshoughton.co.uk.


Richard Anthony Hindmarch BA Hons, Post Graduate Interior Designer


Creating innovative interior design schemes for private individual commissions. Renovating homes and public buildings in England and Europe. Worked at creating environmental friendly interiors and up to the minute design schemes. Worked with French designer Matalli Crasset.



David Fry, Ceramicist


David Fry makes hand made studio pottery at his studio in Newcastle upon Tyne he specialises in high-fired Chinese and Japanese glazes.




SDNA are a digital art collective. I took this photo as the two artists had finished installing their new work "Incandescent" as part of the AV10 Festival in a room of the derelict Pilgrim pub in Sunderland. Once part of the Athenaeum, it was in this building that Joseph Swan attended a lecture that inspired him to invent the electric light bulb.


Will Scrimshaw created his new audio installation "Space Against Itself" in the north-tower of the Tyne Bridge, as part of the AV10 festival.


Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen is a Finnish photographer, and founder member of the Amber film and photography collective. Forty years ago Sirrka photographed the changing face of Byker. I took this photo in St Michaels Church Byker when Sirrka took part in a debate "Changing Byker" as part of "Reinventing the City" program.


Photographer Richard Blosse lived and worked in Byker in the late 70's and early 80's. His photographs record the last of old Byker terraced houses and the creation of the new Byker Wall estate.




The Sahara

"The desert fills men's hearts with visions" - the alchemist Paulo Coelho


Egypt Great Sand Sea and White Desert


Sunrise Great Sand Sea camp

Bahrein tomb


White Desert and Shemagh











Marrakech Express



Djemaa El Fna Marrakech


Fez Artisans








Fez Tannery






Akakus Mountains


The Desert






Fishing Dawada lakes Libya


Iconic symbol of the hippie dream sits neglected in a country with a troubled past.


Lebanon Tripoli 'Love' campervan 2005 (solarised)





And other people and places


Coquet Island after storm


Alnmouth Bay


Fish eye view from Grey's Monument


Warkworth Castle


Marden Rocks Alnmouth


Angel of the North





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