Why "Butterfly"?


The ancient Greek word for the soul was Psyche. The same word was used for the butterfly. When one considers the seeking, searching nature of its flight in search of 'riches' our Psyches are not unlike it. We too are searching, and we also are seekers.


My name is George Mossman. I was born into a Scottish religious working class home in 1938 and left school at 15 with no educational certificates. I became a time served Joiner and was conscripted in to the Royal Army Medical Corp in 1959 serving in Singapore. Please click here to read more about myself.



George Mossman




On How We Really Live, Move and Have Our Being



On the resurrection of Jesus



On My Recovery from Religion



On World Recovery from Religion and the Saving of Mankind



On Faith



On The Birth and Death of God and the Ascendance of Ethics



A Happy Truth



On the Significance of our Death



On The Existence of God



A Short Monograph On The Human Situation
















There are two reasons for writing these monographs. The first is that my religious beliefs failed to bear the intellectual weight that I wanted to place on them and I needed to write them down as part of a process that would help me crystallize my new position.


The Second is that my experience may be helpful to others who are in the process of making a similar journey.


They are the product of personal journey in which, with great reluctance, I came to the conclusion that that the great religions of the world, including Christianity, had hijacked virtue and that the practice of Religion and Virtue are not necessarily the same thing; particularly, when the former strained credulity.


I found myself seeking a new life stance which led to the writing of the first monograph entitled 'On the Human Situation', in the hope that it would provide both my self and others with: -


+ A sense of Man's Biological and Moral Role the evolutionary stream of time.


+ An Evolutionary understanding of Good, Evil and Suffering.


+ A sense that, within moral boundaries, there is something to be said for enjoying life as as possible.


And finally, in the face of political corruption and corporate avarice of our times, to provide hope of a better world.


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