I was born into a Scottish religious working class home in 1938 and left school at 15 with no educational certificates. I became a time served Joiner and was conscripted in to the Royal Army Medical Corp in 1959 serving in Singapore.


On Leaving the Army in 1961 I obtained a University entrance qualification. I entered Strathclyde University 1963 graduating with a BA in Social Science in 1965. Thereafter I studied at the Scottish Baptist Theological College and having obtained a Diploma in Theology in 1968 I took successive pastoral charge of Baptist Churches in Edinburgh and Cupar. In the latter charge I also served briefly as Hospital Chaplain.

I left the Pastoral Ministry in 1981 and spent 13 years as a Social Worker in a Residential School for lads in trouble with authorities. In 1994 I moved into Field Social Work with Children and Families in Dundee. During the last three years of my working career I worked in the city's Social Work Access Team. I retired in 2003.


My interests include: Humanism, Altruism, Virtue, Ethics, Assisted Death, Politics, Climate Change, and Kayaking.




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