Barga, Tuscany, Italy


002) Harris and Barga

The Harris Clan and a Bosi or two…

Photo from the balcony of our hotel: Lapergola



004) Harris and Beer

Just can’t keep Harris’ off the booz, or the Bosi’s


003) Lance and Beer

Of course, the Thompson’s are no better





013) CinqueTerre

Walking the Cinque Terre



Our end point on the Cinque Terre



Those Harris’ and their booz


015) Will my bum look big in this

Getting kitted-up for another gentle walk!


017) Harris family on foot

On foot to a marble quarry


018) Marbel Quary

Marble quarry



Little question who has right of way


023) Pan view

View from the summit


022) Sandy - a little steep

Don’t look down


028) Marbel tunnel

Marble Tunnel


046) Our peak for the day

Our peak for the day


050) Julie don't look down

Don’t look down


051) Julie gets higher

Higher and higher


052) Julie - the big stretch

The big stretch


056) Julie - 5 point contact

Five point contact


057) Julie on the summit

The top at last!


063) Julie and friend

Julie and friend


066) Julie and the high meadow

At the pass


071) Pan view from the top

View from the summit


079) Ferrari




Flaked Out



Bridge: Ponte del Diavolo



Sitting away from the lean!



In the tower



The top



A big THANKYOU to Monica (and her football dog), Mauro, Anna and Patricia for a great holiday!


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