Cycling the Reivers Way, the C2C and part of Hadrian's Wall

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001) Start 9th

We get started Sunday 9 September 2007: 42-miles grade hard-C

Sandy and Ron were very kind to allow us to leave our car at their home in Ponteland. The Reivers Way passes right through Ponteland!


002) Stamfordham

Ron cycled with us as far a Stamfordham - he took this photo and then we went our separate ways


004) And Harder

At times the route diminished to nothing more than a field!


005) Must be a Joke

And at times became quite bemusing!


006) Julies happy

Julie, as ever, keeps on smiling through


007) Hallington Reservoirs

The trail did improve


010) Down to Bellingham

The trail brings us down to Bellingham


011) Sunday night at the Blackcock

The Blackcock at Falstone (near Kielder reservoir) - where we spent Sunday night


012) Falstone on Monday Morning

Monday morning we climb out of Falstone on route for Longtown: 40-miles grade average-C


013) Kielder Dam

Past Kielder Reservoir - Europe's largest manmade lake


015) Kielder Forrest

Cycling the north side of Kielder Reservoir - very nice


016) Kielder Forrest

Quiet tracks through Kielder Forest


018) Across the Border

And north to cross the border


022) Julie

A glorious day: an Indian summer


023) More Open Road

As the day progresses we start to head south again


024) And Steep Hills

Julie is very happy about defeating a 17% hill!


030) Lance

After a great day, we spend Monday night at the Graham Arms Hotel, Longtown


033) Crossing The Wall

We join the Hadrian's Wall route heading to Bowness-on-Solway: 41-miles grade mild-C. The line of Hadrian's Wall is straight ahead in this photo, under the minor road


035) Lance and Plane

We pass the air museum at Carlisle


037) Just To Steep

In Carlisle the way gets steep!


040) Edward I died here

700 years ago, 7 July 1307, Edward I (Longshanks) dies of dysentery here on the Solway aged 68


041) Edward I

The modern bronze statue commemorating Edward I death 700 years ago


044) Could be Tricky

This section of the road to Bowness-on-Solway can get a bit tricky


043) Know your Tide Tables

Know your Tide Tables!


046) Nearly There

Nearly there! The line of Hadrian's Wall runs across this image approximately 50m from the road


047) Tuesday Night

Our night's stop on the west coast


050) A pub with a Difference

Kings Arms, Bowness-on-Solway: a pub with an interesting slant on pets!


053) Wednesday Morning

Wednesday morning we set off south for a few miles before heading back to the east. At 45 miles grade average-D; this will be our longest day


056) A welcome Break

A welcome break at Wallace Lane, 4 miles southeast of Wigton


058) The Western Fells

And then to Cumbria and the Caldbeck Fells


059) Hesket Newmarket

Through Hesket Newmarket


061) And On

And on, and on


062) Greystoke for Weddnesday Night

Until finally, Greystoke, our Wednesday night stop


064) More Cumbrian Hills

Thursday morning we set off on one of the two hard climbing days: 31-miles, 3200ft of ascent, grade hard-C(71W) to Garrigill


065) Repairs at Langwathby

Running repairs at Langwathby


067) Flour Mill at Little Salkeld

Rest, and a cup of tea, at a working water driven flourmill in Little Salkeld


071) Long Meg

Through Long Meg megalithic stone circle


073) Lamas_plus

Lamas! Very cute


075) Heartside here we come

Hartside pass, here we come


077) Heatside Summit at Last

We made it!


081) Lance

But only just


083) Leaving Heartside

Leaving Hartside summit, and downhill all the way to Garrigill


084) Down to Garigill for Thursday night

On to Garrigill in the North Pennines: 30 miles and 3200ft of climbing behind us!


087) More Up Hill

Friday morning, and it's more up hill. This will be the second of our two hard climbing days: 30-miles, ascent 3840ft, grade average-D(82W) to Blanchland


089) Down to Nenthead

Down into Nenthead


090) Northumberland here we come

And into Northumberland


093) To County Durham

And into County Durham


094) The Testing Crawleyside Bank

And up Crawleyside bank! Julie's SoH is fading fast!


096) The View North

The view north looking over much of our first day's cycling


104) Saturday - Time to leave the Lord Crew

And finally we make it: 30 miles and 3800-odd ft of climbing! The Lord Crew Arms, Blanchland, where we will wine and dine, and sleep. And sleep we certainly did!


100) The Crypt Bar

The Crypt Bar


102) Lance and a Beer

Well I deserve it!


105) Blanchland

Next day, Saturday, we start our last leg back to Newcastle: 41-miles grade average-D


109) Northumberland Dales

On the outskirts of Hexham, near Newcastle, the signs of autumn


110) The End - 277 miles

And finally back to where we started: 272 miles and 21000ft later!


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