Cycling Holiday 2019: Aberdeenshire and Angus



This year we returned to Angus for our 'end of summer' annual cycling holiday. It had been 11-years since we explored this part of Scotland on our biking holiday, and that trip had terrible weather. Would this trip be better? Well, yes and no: it was not the best of weather, but nowhere near as bad as 2008!



Day-1 from our friends Ros and Iain to Glen Clova: 33miles with 2200ft ascent, average-C(60W)



We're off! Or are we? Less than one minute after this photo the heavens opened!



We took shelter in Ros and Iain's garage for 15-mins until the rain subsided.


Rain was never far away: here chasing us out of Dundee!



Rain came and went throughout the day. The roads often looked more like rivers, and when we finally arrived in Glen Clova it was full of water!


Finally we arrive at our destination: Glen Clova Hotel, to dry-off and refresh for the next day.



Day-2 from Glen Clova to the Northern Hotel, Brechin: 25miles with 1330ft ascent, average-B(54W)



Day-2, and the weather is much improved!


Sunny and dry at last!


Leaving Glen Clova; the flooding had much subsided.



Day-3 from Brechin to the House of Mark, Glenesk: 26miles with 1780ft ascent, hard-B(62W)


Day-3: the rain had returned.


It didn't rain all the time, but it was one of those days when you can't decide to use waterproofs or not.


A lot of rain does have its bonuses: fabulous cep!


We arrived at House of Mark without having got wet..!



Day-4 from Glenesk to the Douglas Arms Hotel, Banchory: 35miles with 2530ft ascent, hard-C(62W)


Today was in the plans to be the hardest day of the holiday: over Cairn o' Mount, 2miles at 8-12%, a 5.7-Julies hill!

The day started a bit cloudy as we left Glenesk.


It still wasn't sunny when we passed through Fettercairn.


Julie got there ahead of me and definitely won the polka dot jersey!


It was a challenge, but Julie thrashed it!


The long decent finally dropped us out of the clouds.



Day-5 from Banchory to the Marcliffe Hotel, Aberdeen: 23miles with 1500ft ascent, average-B(62W)


Day-5 was the easiest day of the holiday, and allowed us to potter.


This was our 'posh' night's accommodation: Marcliffe Hotel



Day-6 from Aberdeen to Glenesk Hotel, Edzell: 39miles with 2340ft ascent, hard-C(55W)


The last two days were always to be a little tough, but the wind had arrived and was in our face for both days!


It was a nice start to the day, but the wind was already blowing as we left Aberdeen.


Our route took us through Stonehaven, where we found refreshments.


Although we were cycling into a strong wind, at least the roads were quiet.


And finally our accommodation for the night: Glenesk Hotel.




Day-7 from Edzell to journeys end, Dundee: 37miles with 2420ft ascent, hard-C(57W)


Big open spaces resulted in unobstructed wind, not that you'd know in this photo!


A farmer influenced by Aardman Productions.


And finally the end.




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