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June 2023: The Dolomites


In June we had a walking holiday in the Italian Dolomites, somewhere we hadn’t been in a number of years.


As with our last couple of foreign holidays we used Inn Travel to arrange this trip.


It was a six centre holiday, where we spent one or two nights as we walked between the hotels.


These photos are not in any particular order, they are intended to give a flavour of our trip.


Our first hotel of the holiday: Berghotel Zirmerhof.


This hotel is ideally situated to visit the Bletterbach Canyon, UNESCO listed since 2009, is a spectacular and unique formation in The Alps.


It is a legal requirement to wear head protection whilst in the canyon.


The canyon walls are usually vertical or overhung.

You hear the occasional rock fall, hence the hats!


You enter and exit the canyon using steep steps.


Food is also an Inn Travel speciality. Here are a couple of desserts that both look good and tasted delicious!


For many years Julie and I have wanted to visit the Ice Man Museum, Bolzano.


Found in 1991 melting out of a glacier on the Italian-Austrian border, Otzi, as he became to be known, was first thought to be the body of a mountain climber. Forensic science quickly established that the body had been frozen in the ice for 5300-years!


So well preserved was the body, and still possessing all of his belongings, clothing and equipment, Otzi was immediately established as one of the most important discoveries dating from that period of human history. His copper axe, alone, resulted in pushing back the presumed start of the ‘Copper Age’ by over 1000-years.


The museum is superb: all of Otzi’s possessions are on display, and Otzi himself can be seen through a small window in a temperature/humidity controlled chamber.


Photography, other than of this life-sized depiction, is not allowed. I wonder what the man himself, whatever is true name, would have thought about his fame.




Looking north from a viewpoint called Titschenwarte.

Bolzano is in the valley on the left of this image.



We stayed in a number of delightful villages, as here; Kastelruth and Hotel Cavallino D’Oro.



We saw incredibly beautiful Alpine meadows and giants benches!


Some of our walks took us to the towers, of which the Dolomites have many.




And we made new friends: Liz and Alan. Six degrees of separation or not, Liz and Alan, and Julie and I, have friends in common. It’s a very small world!