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First Quarter of 2022

Kayakers on the Tay (N56.355, W3.232)


Newburgh and the Tay, from the Fife Coastal Path (N56.355, W3.201)


Walking Glen Banvie, Perthshire (N56.783, W3.869)

‘The Whim’: a folly near Old Blair (N56.780, W3.869)


Sweep Panorama from the summit of East Lomond, looking north (N56.242, W3.221)


Summit of East Lomond, looking east


Maspie Burn Walk, looking towards East Lomond (N56.244, W3.247)


West Lomond and Bishop Hill, from Glen Vale (N56.242, W3.323)


Martin, Julie and Jeanette walking Glen Vale, looking east (N56.245, W3.332)



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