Trip to Tongue

Our first opportunity to get away since the outbreak of Covid-19: This was supposed to be the week that we did our cycling holiday, but given the uncertainty, with lock-down at a moments notice, we opted to spend our week in the Tongue Hotel our second visit to this area.


Below are a series of photos of our trip.


Day-1: we cycled into one of the most remote parts of the British Isles. We cycled to Altnabreac, in the center of a area of land accessible only on dirt tracks.


Only a few gravel tracks pass through this part of Scotland


River Thurso and Morven, the high summit on the horizon


The bridge at Loch More with Ben Alisky in the background


On our second day we opted to climb Ben Loyal, the most picturesque mountain in the area.


Not the best weather day, but at least the summit was clear of cloud


An 11-miles round trip, our route to the top was via the saddle to the left of the summit


Bits of a Hampden P2118 aircraft that crashed 25 August 1943, it was itself on a search and rescue flight.


The view east towards Loch Loyal


The following day it was back on the bikes for us


We cycled The North Loop from Tongue <Click Here> for gpx and kml files


This is a very quiet part of the North Coast: impressively isolated hamlets


Torrisdale Bay


The village of Borgie


A little off the loop, to the south-east, the is The Unknown


Julie feels she had a connection but he is a rather quite soul


The next day: more cycling :-)


We cycled along Glen Hope. Great views of Ben Hope as we head south


We saw only two cars during the day


Our turn around point was the broch Dun Dornaigil


The broch, not the best preserved of its type in Scotland, is around 2500-years old


Our return back down the glen, towards Ben Hope


The river Strathmore flows towards Loch Hope


Loch Hope


As we drove back to Tongue we stopped briefly to visit Moine House on the old road


In the 19th century Moine House was a refreshment stop on the long north-coast road


Left deserted for many years after the new road bypassed, the ruin was stabilised in the 1980s


In the evening at the Tongue Hotel, we were treated to a lovely sunset


Sunset over the Kyle of Tongue


The following day, you guessed it, we did more cycling: over the Kyle bridge and north to Strathan


The view over the Kyle of Tongue towards Ben Loyal


Strathan Bay


Loch Vasgo


On route for Talmine


Talmine Bay: not as sunny as when we were last here in 2018


The following day, our last day of the holiday, we cycled around the Kyle of Tongue


From Tongue we cycled over the bridge and then south towards Ben Loyal


This used to be the main coast road until the construction of the Kyle Bridge. John Lennon had a car crash here in 1969


The Kyle of Tongue and Ben Loyal


It was a fabulous last day of a great holiday!


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