Six on Saturday 14th November 2020

Now we’re in mid-November, light levels are beginning to get very low, but when the sun does come out, colours can seem luminous. Brings a bit of cheer when we really need it. First up this week are twisty hazel branches, in a burst of afternoon sunshine. The leaves are holding on, now bright yellow.

Next, apple trees in the west-facing part of the garden have had almost all their leaves blown off now. They look striking against a stormy sky. This was one of those afternoons when the rain was about to come, but sun shining very low in the west below the cloud level.

Speaking of apples. I have 2 huge cooking apple trees, and one medium sized tree. We’re harvesting a full bucket of apples every 2 days. Freezers are already full — any suggestions folks?

I know hebe featured last week. With no frosts yet, they are still going strong, and I am determined to feature flowers as one of my six, for as long as possible. Here are some more hebe to fulfill that need, with autumn colours in the background.

On the no-frost theme, there seems little point in chopping back the gunnera yet. The leaves are looking a little tired, but the plant still provides a statuesque backdrop to the pond.

Last, and by no means least, cotoneaster are probably peak-red, though the berries are going fast. Every time I walk by I disturb a blackbird or two.

That’s my lot for this week. Except the stunning news that Scotland are through to the Euros….yehee, I’m not a footy fan, but I do feel I belong now, as an Anglo-Italian Scot. I was SO PLEASED with Thursday’s result.

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