Six on Saturday 15-5-21

Despite starting to sound like a broken record, it’s still cold. Lots of cloud, lots of rain, a little wind. Spring plants have bloomed for longer than usual, yet the early summer crew are catching up. This week, I’ll feature edibles and flowers, so much to choose from now. We’ll start with edibles. Thank goodness the frost has gone because my tatties are starting to poke up. These Shetland Black have a deep purple vein at the centre of the leaf. The potatoes themselves will be dark purple, with delicate white flesh and a purple ring a few mm from the skin. Delicious roasted.

Second this week I have wild garlic. In the garden, and the woods nearby, these plants have now come into full flower. The leaves and flowers are both nice and spicy when added to a salad, and very pretty too.

Much excitement over the last couple of days as the broad beans have begun to flower. These were sown in the greenhouse a couple of months ago and have been sulking in the veg plot for about a month. Finally, here they go.

Now to blooms. Last week, my bluebells had started. This week they are positively singing. Somewhat thugish, but so exhuberant.

The first of the hardy geranium are doing their thing. These are a joy, almost chocolate brown/purple, the plants seems to have grown from nowhere with flowers topping their 30cm stems.

And at last, clematis montana, here it comes. This variety cover many walls of the house, and the garden, these are the very first few flowers. I love spring.

That’s my Six for the week. If you like Six on Saturday, do join in, there are lots of contributors on Twitter, and more via the regular blog from #SixonSaturday initiator, the great Propagator himself.

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