Six on Saturday 26-11-22

Note: Many of you have found me as @julie3dharris on Twitter. I’m not sure I can face Musk-world now, even if the company survives, so you’ll find me more and more on Mastodon

The rain finally eased off early this week, we had one frost, now it seems to have warmed up again, so, yet again, I’m posting my #SixOnSaturday as a motley crew of November survivors. Some edibles, some flowers, some…just nice colours.

I will start with flowers. Despite the dark, wind, rain and general November miserableness, a few cosmos are hanging in there flowering away. I don’t have the heart to cut them back until they flop. Cheery on a sunny morning.

On the edibles front, leeks are doing very well. They slowed right down in the unusual summer heat this year, but now are looking blue-green, healthy and bug-free. Friday night’s dinner featured creamy leeks mixed with ‘home-grown’ back-bacon from some friends with a small-holding. Yum.

Back to flower, I accidentally got pansies, instead of the usual viola, for my autumn-winter bedding. they get a bit knocked around by the rain, but they do like a bright blustery day to show-off in.

Another edible that often makes it to November are my autumn-fruiting raspberries. They are very much doing that this year.

I am very slowly starting to clear away beds for the winter. Hampered this year by an elbow-tendonitis issue that means I shouldn’t even be using secateurs….hmm…I did, a bit. And whilst doing so, felt a burst of joy from back-lit persicarium leaves. What colour!

For this week’s finale, wow, here’s a brand new flowering Welsh poppy (sorry about the football Wales, I’m not watching, but sad to see one of the UK nations struggling). I love the brightness of this little beauty.

I hope you enjoyed my #SixonSaturday. Stay safe, take care out there, and don’t forget to follow the crowd on twitter. I THINK we can also get the sixes going on Mastodon. For regulars, our organiser is Jim at Also on twitter @JamesLStephens. And I’m now on mastodon

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