Six on Saturday 24th October

Six things in the garden, on a Saturday. #SixonSaturday

I’ve moved my blog to WordPress. Wow, so much easier to use than my previous provider. This week, I’m highlighting the still-vibrant colours on display in the October garden, and the last few edibles maturing in the greenhouse. First, WOW, the cotinus in the sunny border gets a bit leggy in summer, but now it’s all so worth it for the fabulous.

Next up, some dahlia love. I bought some extra dahlias at the end of summer. They have been, well, slow to develop. This beauty is boasting it’s first flower this weekend.

And this one has a couple of flowers come, since I moved it into the greenhouse.

There are still edibles on my plot, if you don’t fancy brassica, then most of the interest is in the greenhouse. First up here are the last few grapes and a fine looking cucumber.

And second, there are several achocha vines still fruiting. These strange little fruits are related to ‘exploding cucumber’ but thankfully they don’t explode. Nice in a stirfry, tasting a bit like sweet pepper.

To prevent the chillies from suffering from blight before the fruit ripen, the good plants are now in the house. The windowsill is hosting this lemon-drop. Very hot fruits with a lemony flavour and delicious dry fried and popped into a curry or stir-fry.

Last, this plant suggest a lesson for our times, hang in there and don’t give up. This clematis seemed dead until late August when a few green shoots appeared. And now the flowers come with a rich ripe wine colour. Beautiful.

Ooops, did I squeeze 7 in there this week? Shhhhh.

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