Six on Saturday 16-3-24

I am now so close to the time of year where there’s a real choice to be made over what to show off for my #SixOnSaturday. This week, I’ve opted for a mix of promising buds and flowers, and some edibles on their way.

Edibles: I sowed tomatoes very early in the house, some have not survived the potting on, they got leggy, but not strong. Yet some are reallt thriving. This is Audrey’s Love, which will offer a mid sized, almost heart shaped tomato, grown on in the greenhouse. This one has wonderful furry stem and leaf at this young stage of it’s life.

Into the long border for some seasonal colour. Chionodoxa has a name I can seldom remember, but a flower that always reminds me that proper spring is nearly here. A lovely flush of blue.

An edible in the garden is starting to get active, this is a blackcurrent bush, now budding beautifully.

My next choice is fabulous colour, from an edible that has been wintering in the greenhouse, but is about to start braving the cold-frame (so it fills out, rather than bolting). A gorgeous radicchio, the green-red rippling of the foliage is fascinating.

New this week, euphorbia have begun to flower. This one is a bright lime-green, rather invasive, but really gives a splash of brightness to an early spring border.

Last, but not least, hellebore will be flowering well past Easter this year (I know, Easter IS very early, but still, they have enjoyed being cold, but not snowy!). These two make a very pretty combination.

Thanks for viewing my spring picks for #SixOnSaturday this week. And thansk to those leaving comments on the blog – sorry if i don’t always get back to you on time! The blog is going well, but it would be great if more folk on Mastodon, or other parts of the Fediverse got into tooting a Six! Go on, its a much kinder form of social media, not controlled by crazy billionaires. All you need to do is find 6 things in your garden to show us. Then post on social, or add a link at Jim’s blog below. For regulars, our organiser is Jim at And I’m on mastodon

4 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 16-3-24

  1. I must give planting tomatoes seeds some serious consideration. I have a few herbs and flowers thinking about it in the greenhouse. I must stop checking on them and let them alone!

  2. The hellebore is very delicate. I also have started tomatoes but they will not be ready for the garden for at least 3 weeks.

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