Six on Saturday 30-3-24

Simplicity to celebrate the end of March, almost time for clocks to go forward (an extra hour of evening gardening folks), and Easter for those who celebrate. Simple daffodils for my #SixOnSaturday.

First, here’s one of severl lovely little tubs of mini-daffs that are brightneing up my courtyard this year.

When one has many varieties, the subtle differences between daffodils can really stand out. This one has a sort of droopy look, also a little gentle elegance. The twist to the outer petals adds another interesting variation.

A simliar colour range, and a squatter body on this one, with pale yellow flowers and a more solid yellow centre.

Other varieties go for an even plaer, whitish set of outer petals. This one has a pleasing ruffled centre.

I also appreciate a brighter colour palette, here a fairly small orange centre is flanked by broad bold yellow.

When it comes down to it though, there really is nothing better than a mass of the most simple golden daffodils, bright, bold, trumpety. I’ll go wander lonely on a cloud now….

Thanks for viewing my end of March picks for #SixOnSaturday this week. And thanks to those leaving comments on the blog – sorry if i don’t always get back to you on time! The blog is going well, but it would be great if more folk on Mastodon, or other parts of the Fediverse got into tooting a Six! Go on, its a much kinder form of social media, not controlled by crazy billionaires. All you need to do is find 6 things in your garden to show us. Then post on social, or add a link at Jim’s blog below. For regulars, our organiser is Jim at And I’m on mastodon

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