Six on Saturday 13-4-24

As the garden comes into bloom, I have had time to wander round and select from a range of garden delights. For my first colour theme of the year, here are a selection of spring pinks for this week’s #SixOnSaturday.

Starting with a splash, the pink camellia is now in full bloom. Lots of huge pink flowers to enjoy, quickly, before the high winds blow them off.

Pear blossom isn’t pink, but the pear blossom buds are. I’m not quite sure why.

There is nothing in my garden that has the exquisite tiny detail of the flowers on the snake’s head fritillary.

My garden hosts a number of large old cherry trees. Most are rather sparse to blossom, possibly due to a family of bull finch who feat on the buds. Yet there are always a few flowers that sneak through. I don’t think the bull finches could get purchase on these flowers, which seem to be blooming straight out of the bark.

A favourite flower of mine is that from the magnolia stellata. this little shrub, about 2m high, took years to get going, but now has 20 or so blooms that hold their own against the wind, looking especially lovely around dusk.

Last, I’ll end with another splash. The first of several huge rhododendron bushes (this one 3m tall by 4m wide) has begun it’s spring time dance. Wow, what wonderful colour to cheer up a gloomy Scottish spring day.

Thanks for viewing my picks for #SixOnSaturday this week. And thanks to those leaving comments on the blog – sorry if i don’t always get back to you on time! The blog is going well, but it would be great if more folk on Mastodon, or other parts of the Fediverse got into tooting a Six! Go on, its a much kinder form of social media, not controlled by crazy billionaires. All you need to do is find 6 things in your garden to show us. Then post on social, or add a link at Jim’s blog below. For regulars, our organiser is Jim at And I’m on mastodon

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