Six on Saturday 18-5-24

POW….the garden explodes. And as always happens in May, the whole garden seems to be filled with aquilegia (I’m not good at weeding them out). It therefore seems fitting to go for an aquilegia special for this week’s #SixOnSaturday. First up, is the basic purple. This must be close to th wild-type as about 70% of the plants have colour like this one.

Some of the flowers that come are doubles. This one, a double pink tone, has a wonderful form.

In stark contrast, perhaps the most surprising is a coupel of plants that offer an almost chocolate brown, with simple spikey flower shapes.

Pale pink appears often, I like the horns on the back of each petal on this one, each ending in a purple point.

A few plants offer the simplest pure white flowers.

This year, there seem to be a wider range of darker pinks too, perhaps I did manage to weed out some of those purples last year.

Just a small sample of the huge numbers of these glorious flowers that bring such a joy to mid spring. I hope you enjoyed my colourful spring garden for #SixOnSaturday this week. And thanks to those leaving comments on the blog – sorry if I don’t always get back to you on time! The blog is going well, but it would be great if more folk on Mastodon, or other parts of the Fediverse got into tooting a Six! Go on, its a much kinder form of social media, not controlled by crazy billionaires. All you need to do is find 6 things in your garden to show us. Then post on social, or add a link at Jim’s blog below. For regulars, our organiser is Jim at And I’m on mastodon

2 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 18-5-24

  1. Nice diversity of aquilegia ! The dark chocolate is my favourite . My sister in law gave me seeds of that colour and the first flowers have arrived this spring !

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