Six on Saturday 15-6-24

12 dec C, mid-June, it has been SO cold. The veggies are suffering, but flowers blast on. This year seems particularly good for roses, perhaps they enjoyed the wet wet wet winter. It’s unusual for me to find six lovely roses in the garden all at once, but I did today, so here they are for #SixOnSaturday.

Many of my roses are very old shrub roses. This is one of them. Plate-sized gorgeous huge pink blooms with a delicious smell.

In contrast, a huge old rambler produces many many flowers, but only for a couple of weeks in June, also smelling fabulous.

I quite fancied a different sort of rose last year, so went for this ‘small climber’, in a dusk orange. It is really enjoying the cool summer so far.

On a very dry, west-facing stone wall, this white rose sits in the teeth of the prevailing weather, but seems to enjoy it.

Another small climber offers a delicate pink and sweet smelling blooms. I think this one is Lady of Shallot. Lots of lovely new buds too.

Last, this one blooms with a rich red, can’t wait to see it fully into flower.

Wow, I didn’t remember I had so many lovely roses until I went to look for them. What a haul. Hope you enjoyed the blooms. And thanks to those leaving comments on the blog – sorry if I don’t always get back to you on time! The blog is going well, but it would be great if more folk on Mastodon, or other parts of the Fediverse got into tooting a Six! Go on, its a much kinder form of social media, not controlled by crazy billionaires. All you need to do is find 6 things in your garden to show us. Then post on social, or add a link at Jim’s blog below. For regulars, our organiser is Jim at And I’m on mastodon

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  1. Lots of different colours… missing the yellow one? I do like the orange rose you showed us this morning.

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