Six on Saturday 2-4-22

It’s early April, so peak daffodil season in my garden. I’m working away this weekend, so my #SixonSaturday is brief, but beautiful. I don’t know the names of all these narcissi varieties, but I love them all. Here they are.

Classic daffs here…or almost, with a very ‘solid’ trumpet, and pointy outer petals, this ones are small, just 10-20cm and looking lovely in a little pot.
This is a double flower. Don’t know the variety but the orange centre and pure white outer petals are delicate.
This one has a nodding form, pointing the flowers down and making them hard to photograph, and hard to see. The centre is almost peach, i think I like it.
There’s a twist to the outer petals on this one that provides some interest. These do very well in semi-shade.
A very pale lemon-yellow and a little ruffled at the centre, with even paler outer petals…a more yellow variant seems to have snuck in amongst this lot.
Finally, almost an orange centre, at least in full sun.

That’s my #SixonSaturday for this week. Stay safe, and don’t forget to follow the crowd on twitter and via the web from links to t

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