Six on Saturday 9-4-22

This was the spring week when the warm sunshine turned back to a northerly wind and a wee bit of snow. Spring has decided to slow itself down again, nice in some ways. To celebrate the pace, this week’s #SixonSaturday represents the ‘almost there’ that is everywhere in the garden this week.

First, some lovely tulips. These might be some sort of dwarf variety, the flowers are coming, but these are just a few cm high. I love the bright pink colour.

Things are beginning to hot up in the veg garden, well in the cold frame at least. I have trays of mizuna and pak choi ready to go out into the garden. Question is, will the soil be warm enough for anything to grow away? Will they be eaten by beasties? Time will tell.

Whilst on the edibles, rhubarb is starting. I love the texture of the first leaves, their wrinkles before they stretch into growth. Lots of lovely crumbles in mind….

Now for some spring blossom, a Japanese quince has a host of buds, the bright red flowers are almost in bloom now.

One of my favourite blossoms of the year is on the old pear tree. 40cm across, spreading 4m across the south facing stone wall of the house, I’ve always thought it must be as old as the house (>200 years). Perhaps one of the oldest pear’s in the county. Here she goes…

Last, but not least, I’ll repeat the tulip theme, we really are coming into tulip season. I’m not usually one for pastel shades, but looks at least beauties. Delicate joy.

That’s my #SixonSaturday for this week. Stay safe, and don’t forget to follow the crowd on twitter and via the web from links to the originator of #SixonSaturday, the Propagator himself.

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